About us

Adrian Tymes

CEO of CubeCab, Adrian Tymes has patents from his corporate work and individual efforts. He has recently been an instrumental part of successful startup efforts and has served as lead engineer or manager at many companies.

Rick Kwan

Consulting Board Member of CubeCab, Rick Kwan has held technical management and hands-on roles in the aerospace and computer industries. He helped form the Silicon Valley Space Center, and works with its early stage entrepreneurs.

Dustin Still

COO of CubeCab, Dustin Still is a manufacturing and materials guru with years of prior experience in composites and CNC-based manufacturing, as well as being Techshop's first full-time advisor.

Andrew Barton

CTO of CubeCab, Dr. Andrew Barton has worked as an aerospace engineer on a number of high profile rocket and spacecraft projects during his time at the XPRIZE Foundation and the European Space Agency. His particular areas of expertise are systems engineering, technology development planning, verification, propulsion, aerodynamics as well as aerospace structural design, analysis and optimization, the latter forming the topic of his doctoral research.