Launch Services

By focusing exclusively on 3U CubeSats, we make it less expensive and faster to get your payload to orbit. Other providers will take on average 2 years to gather enough payloads to justify launching a massive rocket. We offer a turnaround time of just a few months (assuming your satellite meets the 3U+ CubeSat specifications, passes standard launch safety tests, and meets other regulatory requirements). Our launch costs are somewhat cheaper, but most of your financial savings come out of the hidden fees of waiting 2 years: reduced paperwork, lower holding costs, and you don't wind up spending years of your life on a single satellite.

Our mission is to enable experimentation with the orbital environment. By providing fast, low-cost launches, we intend to place hundreds of CubeSats into orbit per year. In short, we aim to enable "citizen science" in space.

We are still developing our launcher. If you have questions, please contact us. If you wish to be informed of updates, see our Blog page.