This page is maintained as legacy content. During the COVID-19 pandemic, CubeCab diverted some of its resources to making better PPE masks. This effort has largely concluded.

The vision we had for PlasticMasks when we started was, "what is the best mask we can make, entirely US produced, given the available materials/etc.?" It started out as a cool idea - how close can we get to an N95 mask, without the certifications (it's emergency, after all) using off-the-shelf materials? Or to put it a little differently - how can we help solve the massive PPE shortage, with what's out there?

We settled on a 3D printed mask design as a starting point very early - the Montana Mask. Then we started improving it, finding better answers, and tweaking things to work better. What did that result in?

A mask that:

  • Costs less, long-term, than disposable N95 ($20 for the mask + 10 pieces of reusable/washable filter, $10 for 10 more filters, vs. $25 for a 10 pack of KN95s
  • Filtration is just as good as N95 (click here for TSI testing data)
  • Is more comfortable to wear than any disposable mask
  • Cleans easily with existing hand sanitizers
  • Is made in the USA - our design team is in California, and our fabrication partners are coast to coast.

Since we're not N95 certified, we're not formally appropriate for a clinical setting, but we do comply with the FDA emergency guidelines, and our masks are just as good as a N/KN95 within the bounds laid out. They beat the heck out of cloth/surgical masks.

Click here for our instruction sheet.