The vision we had for PlasticMasks when we started was, "what is the best mask we can make, entirely US produced, given the available materials/etc.?" It started out as a cool idea - how close can we get to an N95 mask, without the certifications (it's emergency, after all) using off-the-shelf materials? Or to put it a little differently - how can we help solve the massive PPE shortage, with what's out there?

We settled on a 3D printed mask design as a starting point very early - the Montana Mask. Then we started improving it, finding better answers, and tweaking things to work better. What did that result in?

A mask that:

  • Costs less, long-term, than disposable N95 ($20 for the mask + 10 pieces of reusable/washable filter, $10 for 10 more filters, vs. $25 for a 10 pack of KN95s
  • Filtration is just as good as N95 (click here for TSI testing data)
  • Is more comfortable to wear than any disposable mask
  • Cleans easily with existing hand sanitizers
  • Is made in the USA - our design team is in California, and our fabrication partners are coast to coast.

Since we're not N95 certified, I'm loath to say we're appropriate for a clinical setting. BUT...we do comply with the FDA emergency guidelines, and as I said, our masks are just as good as a N/KN95 within the bounds laid out. They beat the heck out of cloth/surgical masks.

Click here for our instruction sheet.