A CubeSat is a miniature satellite which offers all of the standard functions of a normal satellite at a fraction of the size and weight, making them cheap to build and operate, and with CubeCab, easy to get into orbit. Because they obey a common technical specification they're easy to build and parts can be easily purchased off the shelf, and because the specification is scalable in size and weight they can accomodate a wide variety of equipment, making it almost certain you'll be able to construct a satellite to suit your needs. The CubeSat is a proven design boasting hundreds of successful deployments. With the cost of construction often being under $10,000 it's easy to see why so many universities and small businesses are building them.

But even if you have the perfect satellite, it's useless if you have can't launch it. The launch costs far more than the satellite. Worse, most current launch providers only manufacture large rockets hauling many payloads at a time, requiring you to wait 1-2 years to launch and fill out time consuming paperwork, and they dictate your satellite's final orbit, assuming they allow you to ride at all (if you are testing satellite propulsion technology, or anything that could possibly endanger the other payloads on the ride, good luck with that). CubeCab will have your CubeSat up in a few months, using a small rocket launching just your satellite to the orbit you specify, saving you time, paperwork, holding costs, and grief. The price of the launch itself is a bit cheaper ($250,000 for us, or around $300,000 or more for the competition), but we make the rest of your project far more affordable. If you're interested in launching with us please email We'll get you set up.

If you'd like to take a closer look at the CubeSat technical specifications to see if they're right for you, they can be found at the CubeSat Project website.